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Markets Today


Covers the overnight movements in economics, currencies and interest rates, as well as our economists’ and strategists’ views for the day ahead.

Australian Markets Weekly


Includes commentary and analysis of economic, currency, and interest rate developments for Australia, USA and New Zealand.  Our major forecasts for economies and markets are included every week, as well as a calendar of economic releases and financial events.

Australian Markets Monthly


This provides a comprehensive update of our forecasts for Australia and other major economies.  We forecast for interest rate, currency and commodity markets and also provide a review of the past month's economic and market developments.

Data Reviews


Our Data Reviews are snap responses to key points, data releases and changes to monetary and fiscal policy, as it happens.

NAB Business Survey


The NAB Surveys are high profile industry surveys conducted by NAB's Chief Economist Alan Oster and his Melbourne Group Economics team.

FX Markets Today


A specific focus on currency including an update on the international markets overnight as well as our Currency Strategist's views for the day ahead.

FX Speculative Positions


This weekly is a specific update on speculative currency positions over the past week.  It focuses on all the major currencies including the Pound, Yen, US Dollar, Aussie Dollar and NZ Dollar.

Technical Analysis


This is an easy to understand technical chart pack put together by our Currency Strategist, which includes new and current concepts such as the MDL concept and the moving average formation.

Global FX Strategist


This cross-Tasman produced publication includes the foreign exchange outlook for the majors and dollar bloc.  It is developed by Strategists in NZ and Australia with a detailed focus on these currencies.

Interest Rate Swap Market Strategy


Trade ideas for Australia and NZ swap markets.  This is aimed at institutional investors and hedge funds who are active participants in these markets.

Credit Today


Our Credit Research team provides commentary on developments in the domestic and international swap and credit markets with a focus on company news and rating action.

Australian Credit Markets Weekly


A summary of events in the domestic market with an emphasis on selective in depth analysis, relative value and trade recommendations.

Credit Bulletins / At a Glance


Company specific analysis and commentary on financial reporting and other significant events effecting credit quality. 

Issuer Reviews


This is a comprehensive company credit risk analysis  which includes industry sector analysis with a focus on the competitive position of participants and relative value.  Issuer reviews are generally produced to support new bond issuances.

Sectoral Reviews


Industry sector analysis with a focus on the competitive position of participants and relative value.

MBS Rate Sheet


Daily Mortgage Backed Securities rate sheet.

Bond Rate Sheet


Daily Bond rate sheet.

Hybrid Rate Sheet


Daily Hybrid rate sheet.

Commodity Swaps Rate Sheet


Swap prices for CBOT Wheat, CBOT Corn, Kansas, WCE Canola, NYCE Cotton and NYCE Sugar

Metals Daily


Overnight market action and statistics for Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Tin and Gold.

Oil Daily


Overnight market action and statistics for Crude, Gas Oil and Asian Product Swaps.

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